wedding flowers through the seasons


Seasonal British flowers

Flowers grown on your doorstep will be picked when they are at their very best, just before your special day. Each season offers a very different selection of flowers and foliage and can add impact on a large scale.

As there is none or very little packaging and transport involved, this ensures absolute freshness and minimum carbon footprint. Let’s not forget the choice of many unusual and heirloom varieties of flowers available from British growers, many of which have beautiful scent.


Floral design on the wild side

Because we like our floral designs to evolve with the seasons, we often incorporate wild ingredients such as scented blossoms, herbs, wild fruits and berries, twigs and vines into our arrangements. Add to this, arching branches of autumn leaves, flowing grasses and interesting seedpods you get an idea of the distinctive, natural style that defines Botanika.

If you are keen on using foliage and flowers from your friends’ and family’s gardens, we would be happy to incorporate these into your display.


Our home grown flowers

I grow a selection of plants in my garden with interesting foliage, texture or trailing habit to add interest to our arrangements. They are perfect for creating that natural, flowing, just picked look. Choosing unique and unusual varieties to trial and grow, we can keep track of the ever changing trends and add interesting elements to any colour palette throughout the year. Please check our blog for the latest on current flower and colour trends, press features, tutorials.


Botanika and the environment

We reduce the environmental cost of transport by using local growers where possible, growing some of our own flowers and foraging responsibly. All our flowers and foliage are grown naturally, without the use of chemicals and we recycle all green waste created in the design process. We are keen on using florist materials from sustainable sources.

We love adding sustainable products to our flowers from other small British artisan makers, such as hand dyed, organic silk ribbons.