Gardens Illustrated Winter Feature

Gardens Illustrated Christmas Feature

Last year I had the honour of being asked to become contributor to one of my favourite gardening magazines. Lucy Bellamy the new editor of the magazine was looking to publish a Christmas craft project with a very natural feel and easy to follow step-by step instructions for their readers. I came up with a few ideas that would work in smaller homes as well as on a larger scale.

I created 5 main projects which were featured over 4 pages and really very well suited for any winter table as well as for a festive setting. The central decoration was a wall hanging, using twigs and branches, seasonal foliages, dried ferns, grasses, seedpods and orchid flowers. It had a relaxed asymetrical shape and would be perfect for a dining room wall or above a mantle. In addition to this I made a table centre with similar ingredients and a very wild and natural feel, some very simple wine glass decorations and a herb and foliage weight for table linen. There was also instructions for decorating a ceiling light lampshade with seasonal foliages and a woodland feel, to go above a dinner table.

It was most fascinating and an incredible experience to work with the fantastic photographer Andrew Montgomery on shoot day. I learned so much about light and shade, set ups and made incredible amounts of cups of teas! Andrew is one of those professionals who I can only describe as a working ox and I have not come across many in my life. Always working towards perfection with an unlimited resource of energy and enthusiasm for each take. There were hundreds of beautiful shots made and you can find some of them in the December edition of Gardens Illustrated this winter.

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