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Being listed in the Daily Telegraph amongst a bunch of excellent florists whose work I so admire, was a great honour and came as a bit of a surprise - as being a fairly new business I am still at the early stages of setting up my permanent studio (greenhouse is going up as we speak), creating my flower patch and generally settling into a more flower centred career, which I have been working on for the past few years. I come from a gardening background, that I am really proud of and greatly helps with growing plants for the business, choosing varieties, picking the best blooms at the best time and generally helps me make decisions easier and quicker when it comes to the growing side of things. There is so much to learn still and I am forever soaking up knowledge from other growers and florists. But the main thing is that developing the business slowly fits in with my ethos and our life perfectly and helps me focus on the small details.

Table centre magenta rose
Summer table centre with rose Charles de Mills

A new more natural floral design

There is undoubtedly a trend amongst independent florists with a design eye to create more relaxed, naturally moving floral displays. For this flowers and foliages grown at home, in a plot or a local farm will give the sort of shapes, textures and movement these arrangements need. Hence most of us will have a go at growing some or all of the flowers we use in our displays. Having said that, it is not everyone’s cup of tea and I also appreciate florists with a more traditional school of floral design who cater for clients seeking a more formal look. Both ends of the scale, small independent flower businesses and large, busy flower shops will cater for different kinds of clients, which is how it should be. I love meeting like minded people where I know they will appreciate the flowers’ seasonality, the different look each wedding has and the fact that I book limited number of events in order to be able to have the time to pay attention to every little detail.

Magenta rose in pewter jug
Rose Charles de Mills

Growing with the business

I have big plans for Botanika in the next few years - but starting small and growing is the key for me. Having had my first main ingredients achieved this year - a small studio, a greenhouse and the beginnings of a flower patch, I am planning to build on this and grow slowly. Whilst I develop my own style, the type of flowers and foliages I would like to call staples for my arrangements whilst discovering new ones, I am hoping to also meet more and more like minded clients, growers, makers and enjoy the process of creating something really special and unique each time.

Rose, jasmin, ammi, sweet peas table centre
Rose, Ammi, jasmine, sweet peas

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